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IQ Mate

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Lifeskills Leader is all about building good character and important life skills in children. It focuses on social skills, general awareness, and emotional intelligence, providing a balanced approach to learning.

Shape your child’s character! This kit teaches life skills, social awareness, and emotional intelligence, giving your child a well-rounded foundation for a bright future.

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  • Sequential Thinking & Pattern Recognition
  • Objective: Enhance cognitive abilities by encouraging thinking in sequences and recognizing patterns.
    Activities: Engaging puzzles, games, and exercises that challenge the child’s ability to identify and understand patterns.

  • Strategic Planning & Quick Thinking
  • Objective: Foster strategic planning and quick decision-making skills.
    Activities: Strategy-based games that require the child to plan ahead, make quick decisions, and adapt to changing situations.

  • Self-learning Interest & Innovative Ideas
  • Objective: Cultivate a passion for learning and spark innovative thinking.
    Activities: Project-based learning, exploration kits, and challenges that encourage self-directed learning and creativity.


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