Economically Backward Reservation:- Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government has taken an ego decision under which the candidates of higher caste will get reservation. It has done so that it was going on for some days between people of this caste and government. This reservation is for the economically backward people. The government has approved this. This is the first time that the people of the upper castes have got reservation on economic basis. It was demanded for a long time that reservation should be given to economic policy rather than caste. This reservation has been given for the upper castes, which is 10%.

Economically Backward Reservation 2019:

However reservation will continue on the basis of caste. According to Vijay Sampla, Minister of State for Social Justice, a crucial decision was taken in the Cabinet meeting that in those general classes and whose annual income is 8 Lakhs and those having less than 5 acres of land for cultivation, Percent reservation will be available. This will be different from the earlier 50% reservation. Under this reservation, all the upper castes, Brahmins, Bania, besides Christians and Muslims will also come.

Details Who Benefits the Reservation?

  • Government sources said that the proposed constitution amendment will clear the way for extra quota. A source said, “Reservation will be given to financially vulnerable people who are not taking any benefit of reservation.”
  • The benefits of the proposed law will be available to many other castes including Brahmin, Rajput (Thakur), Jat, Maratha, Bhumihar, many business ethnicities, Kapu and Kamma.
  • Sources said that the poor of other religions will also get the benefit of the reservation.
  • This bill can be made provision that those whose annual income is less than Rs. 8 Lakhs and those having less than five acres of agricultural land, can take advantage of the reservation.
  • Sources said that such people should not have a flat of 1000 sq ft or more in the municipal area and not to be flat of more than 200 yards in non-notified areas.